Utica Municial Housing Authority

Energy Performance Contracting Consulting

Utica 5Our goal under this contract was to serve as implementers of improvements at the Utica Municipal Housing Authority (UMHA), all without need for additional Housing Authority staff. Our Team can be thought of as de facto staff of the UMHA, acting to implement its directives and consulting with UMHA management when decisions must be made or deliverables reviewed.

Utica 1The work involved in developing a project, securing regulatory approvals, identifying and closing financing, hiring designers, approving contractors, and monitoring and verifying energy savings and expenditures is more extensive than most PHAs are prepared to take on. The emergence of an EPCC option under HUD auspices allowed the Team to provide a level of service that is all-encompassing and placed the priorities of the UMHA first and foremost.

The overall project encompassed the following components:

• Physical Needs Assessment

• Comprehensive Audit Review Utica 3

Review and update energy audits performed by a consulting engineering firm in 2003. The initial NYSERDA-funded scope of work had a price tag of approximately $3 million. By 2009 this scope of work had expanded to over $8 in new and revised energy measures identified and documented by Susan Dee Associates staff.

• Leveraging Additional Funding

NYSERDA provided approximately $900,000 in AMP granted funds. The team worked with the local community action agency to obtain Weatherization funds and services to purchase refrigerators and receive attic insulation. The
team also negotiated a municipal lease to cover needed financing. In 2009, the UMHA, with support from Susan Dee Associates, chose to transfer from the AMP program to NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) which resulted in an increase in incentives of more than $1.2 million dollars.

• Obtaining HUD Approvals

The Team analyzed utility bills and calculated a baseline which was the starting point for determining future energy savings. Each of the 8 properties were benchmarked and where tenants were directly metered for utilities, we calculated utility allowances and compared them to projected energy savings to verify our calculations.

• Establishing a Monitoring and Verification Plan (M&V)

We developed an M&V plan, outlining specific procedures and steps. At the end of the implementation phase which we are approached rapidly, we will provide the first year M&V comparing actual savings to projected savings.

• Selecting Architect and Engineer

We created bid packages, conducted interviews and recommended selection of qualified professionals to provide designs and construction administration services. We continue to issue task work orders (TWOs) for phased-in design services over the life of the plan. We also work with the professionals to ensure appropriate and qualified energy choices.

• Assisting with the Construction Process

Susan Dee Associates has supplied bid and spec review, advice on submittals, technical assistance on material selection and
implementation, and installation in accordance with commissioning procedures. The team is part of the overall approval and sign-off process, reviewing change orders, and conducting milestone inspections.

The program consisted of more than $8 million worth of energy upgrades with annual savings of $664,923. Construction covered simple projects such as low flow faucet aerators and showerheads to more complex activities like energy recovery ventilators.


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