New York State Office of Mental Health

Fuel Use Analysis and Management

Under Susan Dee’s direction, the following programs were developed, implemented and managed on behalf of the Office of Mental Health:

Utility Rate and Fuel Analysis

Transportation Gas
The Consultant evaluated purchasing procedures for the psychiatric centers and found a first year savings of $800,000 by making changes in procurement practices.  Managed the purchasing of wellhead gas for all facilities by negotiating prices with gas brokers.  Eventually this task was turned over to Office of General Services, where its purchasing staff was trained in proper procurement activities and analysis.  The Consultant continues to monitor pricing of all gas sources and produces a monthly report that serves as the basis for stage purchasing decisions.

Transportation Gas Handbook
To save the large sums possible by switching to group purchasing of transportation gas, OMH personnel needed to quickly become experts at developing a strategy for purchasing gas at lowest costs and managing the details of the process.  The Consultant authored a detailed handbook explaining the process that covered all the details of determining the latest pricing information, comparing pricing information, documenting required data, and understanding important deadlines for making purchasing decisions.

Shared Services Analysis
Psychiatric centers often share electric, gas and steam services with co-located facilities and tenants and share costs based on a variety of methods.  The Consultant analyzed fuel usage and current billing agreements for several facilities to determine current costs and recommended appropriate billing arrangements.

Demand Side Management – Project Review
The Consultant analyzed proposed ECMs, energy savings, project scopes of work, contracts, material samples, monitoring programs and installation procedures for projects sponsored by Utilities under their DSM programs.  These projects were developed and implemented by ESCOs under contract to the utilities.  The Consultant served as the agency’s representative during the preliminary audits phase, negotiations, and final acceptance of proposed projects.  Provided site supervision and sign-off for five psychiatric centers.


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