HUD Green Physical Needs Assessment

HUD is currently developing a Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA) process and database to achieve a number of critical goals in its oversight of Public Housing Authorities (PHAs). This GPNA will require all PHAs to complete a comprehensive PNA, which incorporates existing reporting tools, energy audits, and green assessments, for each of their Developments/AMPs once every five years and to update these assessments annually. The new standards are expected to mandate implementation during the 2014 fiscal year.  Many PHAs will soon find that their staff’s current qualifications and their existing reports are no longer adequate to meet the new requirements.

How we can help

Susan Dee Associates has a long history working with PHAs, and our services are directly tailored to assist government agencies with capital planning, management and implementation. The combination of our energy background and experience with green assessments and PNAs has allowed us to become a premier consulting firm in this market. Susan is Building Performance Institute Multi-Family Building Analyst certified, one of the certifications required to conduct energy audits. 

We can offer you a combination of the following services that best suits your needs in meeting the requirements of this new process:


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